BA Webinar | How to grow as a PRO BA

It’s really hard to stay PRO if you don’t grow up every day. This webinar will cover the questions – what skills, knowledge, actions, and decisions can increase your authority and value for the client, company, and market.

You’ll hear the ideas and suggestions – what to start doing today to become a more mature BA tomorrow.

During the webinar, we’ll talk about:

  • What soft skills are the most desired for BA practitioners and how to develop them?
  • What cases force you to learn something new?
  • What to do to make both client and team happy while working with you?

About the speaker: Irene is BA-practitioner at Softserve with five years of experience in different domains – remote monitoring and management, solar energy, real estate, and others. Irene was covering both Business Analyst and Product Owner positions. She also has experience as a mentor, trainer, and public speaker.

The webinar would be interesting for all BAs, product owners, and those who do all business analysis related work regardless of the title.

It will be held in ENGLISH.

Our event is free, but registration is required.


02 Липня 2020


19:00 - 20:00





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