BA Practicum | Requirements Quality

Join us on May 26, 6 PM (Kyiv time) to learn more about requirements quality.

After you manage the requirements, you face the process efficiency challenges.
One of the possible approaches to the aforementioned challenge would be to make sure that your requirements are of high quality. This approach helps to minimize the number of questions from your dev team satisfying client’s expectations.

This practicum aims at giving you insights into what it actually means and how to incorporate it in the real life.

Consequently, you will gain a profound understanding of the difference between requirements validation and verification, as well as of the quality models, and specific tips that can be practically implemented immediately after the end of the workshop.

Circa 50% of the workshop time is dedicated to real-life cases.

About our trainer, Maryna Chebakova:
• 13 yrs in IT at different positions (8 yrs as BA)
• experienced mentor, teacher, and lector
• experienced in leading the project from the launching till the maintenance phase
• participated in financial projects, internal systems in the big enterprise, retail, e-commerce, and healthcare
• enjoy switching the domains to keep my brain working
• enjoy knowledge sharing and meaningful debate

Number of participants: 4-24
Duration: up to 2,5 hours

Registration is required.

You’ll earn 3 СDUs by attending this session. Be sure not to just register but actually attend.

Our event will be held in ENGLISH via the Zoom platform. Questions, comments and input can be submitted prior to the session by comments to this event. Our attendees will also be able to ask questions live via a moderated Q/A feature on the Zoom Platform.

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26 Травня 2021


18:00 - 20:30




460 грн