Personas’ Stories with Nati | Episode 2


In this episode of the show, we present to you our host, Nati Nazar, with the starring BA guest Yuriy Gomon, Senior BA | BA Tech Lead | CSPO® | CSM® at NIX Solutions:

  • 7 years of experience in IT in a Business Analysts Role;
  • 4 years in a PO role and 2 years in BA Team Tech Lead Role.

During his career, Yuriy:

  • was involved in a variety of different projects related to ERP (internal solutions), logistics, e-commerce, e-learning, AR/VR;
  • conducted or was leading discovery (pre-project) phases for 50+ projects, helping customers to verify business ideas and define the project scope.

Yuriy is a successful BA speaker, trainer, and BA community leader:

It’s going to be about an hour conversation on the hottest topic you can also relate and contribute to. Our host and guest will give answers or comment on your questions gathered with the survey beforehand.

Further, in every episode, catch Nati hosting the smartest people. With entertaining blitz, great jokes, and exclusive conversations, we guarantee a good time!

Episode 2 is held in Ukrainian and Russian.

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