Подкаст: The Episode When Nati Nazar Kept Contradicting Herself

Check out the new Podcast where Nati Nazar talks with Adrian Reed and Joe Newbert about the great business analyst contradiction: S01 E04 The Episode When Nati Nazar Kept Contradicting Herself

In this episode:

  • Adrian and Joe discuss the business analyst’s identity issues [00:45]
  • Introducing this episode’s topic and guest, perspectives of the business analyst role with Nati Nazar [01:47]
  • The inspiration behind and reading of Nati’s ‘Be a Business Analyst’ monologue [03:21]
  • Reasons behind the universal contractions surrounding the business analyst role [06:40]
  • Stakeholders experiencing inconsistency from the many-faced business analyst [10:36]
  • Balancing the divide between the need for quality and the need to get things done [13:39]
  • Convincing people about the value of business analysis through driving the vision [16:45]
  • Realising how global changes drive the role of the business analyst [21:39]

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