They say…

Author: Nati Nazar

Inspired by recent trends and bored on a sick leave…

Be a Business Analyst they said. Read BABOK. It will make you a professional. But don’t use too much of it, no one likes formal processes and a lot of documentation.

Drive, engage, facilitate. Make stakeholders love you they said. Do it remotely, no time for travels and gathering stakeholders together.

Be skeptical. Don’t trust what they say. Double check, confirm, validate, always question. But don’t be skeptical too much. You won’t build any good relationship.

Be detail oriented they said. Don’t miss anything. Always ask questions. Don’t be detail oriented, don’t ask so many questions, everybody gets bored.

Be creative. Come up with solution options. Don’t be creative they know what they want. You better work on user stories.

Identify a problem. But don’t ask questions, the users know what they want. None likes talking about problems. Talk about solutions.

Nati Nazar

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